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Be watching for us on an upcoming episode of Great American Gospel hosted by Ed O'Neal.   Also, we will be appearing on Great American Bluegrass with some of your favorite secular and Bluegrass Gospel artist hosted by The Primitive Quartet. Not on your cable?  Catch all episodes at

To bring us to your area,  drop us a line at  We look forward to hearing from you!!

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Recent Reviews

Beautifully Broken -Song Garden
Bluegrass Gospel
2010 Song Garden Release
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Beautifully Broken
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There's No Other Way - Dove Nominated

Our First Bluegrass Gospel CD was nominated for a Dove Award in 2004.

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At Home - our second independent project
CD Information
Our second Bluegrass Gospel independent project released in 2004

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Our latest CD, "Words," encompasses Traditional and Progressive Bluegrass with hints of Contemporary Christian and Southern Gospel to form a unique vocal blend with a hard driving edge

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