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Tim Maze
 im Maze is the power lead vocal of the group.   His history of singing, traveling and recording with Southern Gospel Quartets like The Gallileans, The Regents, The Singing Ambassadors, and Delegation,  has given him the opportunity to develop a voice that is innovative, and influential.   He has an amazing range that allows him to sing all parts of harmony,  plus a lead vocal strength that just begs to be heard.   He brings an exciting array of elements to bluegrass gospel that allows listeners to not only enjoy his singing talents,  but also witness his spiritual integrity,  and humble performing style.   Tim also lays the  foundation by providing solid upright bass fiddle rhythm for the group.
Andy Wilks
  ndy Wilks provides balance to the harmony vocals as well as a signature baritone lead that gives a full range of vocal capacities and styles to this group.   He also has a sincere heartfelt love to share the gospel through his music.   His years of singing with the Wilks-Trio, and Miller-Maze-Wilks, gives him a broad range of gospel music experience to provide the group with hymn book songs arranged such that they sound like original material.   Andy not only has hymn book songs under his hat, but also has a broad knowledge of the Southern Gospel, and Bluegrass Gospel recordings to add spice to his musical talents.   He ties the instruments together by providing the steady rhythm with acoustic guitar.   If anyone ever had an ear to hear the variations in a songs chord changes, and progressions, it is Andy.   He picks up on the feeling of a song that makes an old one sound fresh and new again.

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Wayne Burgett
ayne Burgett has been playing the banjo and singing baritone harmony with bluegrass and gospel groups for 24 years. He has traveled, recorded and performed with groups such as the award winning Dixie Bluegrass Band, and The Long Branch Boys and now enjoys sharing the gospel through music with Canaan's Crossing. Wayne is a self taught musician that has an ear for arranging traditional songs with a new twist. His love for music is evident in his enthusiastic performance. The way he smiles when he is playing and singing, shows he has truly been blessed with a love and talent for music.
Junior Saint
unior Saint comes with a musical performance history of his own. He has traveled, recorded, and entertained audiences for years with a variety of bluegrass and gospel groups such as the award winning Dixie Bluegrass Band, and The Long Branch Boys. He now highlights Jordan Riverís acoustic music flair with his traditional mandolin and guitar picking styles that Chet Atkins would be proud of. He also adds talent vocally to this group with his high tenor voice, and memory for words and arrangements that give this group its ability to provide a wide range of musical styles. Jr. is an amazing self-taught musician that can play anything with strings on it and has a knack for southern humor to add to the groupís presentation and style. Anyone that knows Jr. soon finds that he is one of the most knowledgeable individuals concerning musical history.
Tina Miller
ina Miller adds remarkable vocal talent to the group and equally notable is her majestic fiddle instrumental style that is second to none.   Her musical experiences in both Gospel and Bluegrass venues provide heart and soul to the instrumental and vocal style of this group.   Her brilliant artistic contributions add flowing backup arrangements as well as formidable lead instrumental sounds which carry the inspirational and uplifting message of the words.   She has traveled, performed, and recorded with several groups including the award winning Dixie Bluegrass Band, and the predecessor to this group, Miller-Maze-&-Wilks.   Tina has offered many unique original arrangements to the standard hymns as well as creative melodies to the new material that this group has to offer.